PDF files


Not having any luck downloading the airport and associated PDF files. I am using windows Vista and IE 7, that maybe the problem!!


Try using a better browser* such as Firefox.

Also search this forum (search box above) using PDF and airport as keywords. There was a discussion on this earlier. * I’d do it but it is within moments of me leaving for the weekend and I don’t want to take the time to look right now.

*To them who will come back and say that’s it’s only a subjective opinion that Firefox is a better browser: I don’t care. It works for me and it isn’t that Microsoft browser.


What works for you doesn’t mean it’s better for others.



Gee! Isn’t that what I said?


Could you elaborate on what you mean by “not having any luck”?

What, precisely happens when you attempt to save a file?

File not found error?

Server timeout?

File just disappears?


Are you positive you know what folder the file is being saved to?