PDF's not working


Since about 7pm (CT) on thursday, the PDF’s for the approaches don’t work.

I click on them and the page switches and stays gray.

I’ve tried approaches at ORD, AZO, BTL, DFW and DTW with no luck.


They’re working for us. Here’s a few I tried successfully:
flightaware.com/resources/airpor … /RNAV+(GPS+RWY+28/pdf
flightaware.com/resources/airpor … +TWO+(RNAV/pdf
flightaware.com/resources/airpor … AP/all/pdf
flightaware.com/resources/airpor … LL/all/pdf

Probably a problem with your web browser or PDF reader. Try saving the PDF to your computer and opening it from there.


Mighta gotten an automatic Adobe update and it’s waiting for you to restart. I only shut my computer off maybe once every 3 weeks so there’s always updates and stuff waiting for me.


What’s your carbon footprint?


Quite small. It’s a laptop, not a desktop, and spends most of its time in standby in his flight bag.


I need to increase mine. I hate cold weather! My mantra is “Gimme global warming now!”


My adobe reader is up to date.

I can’t view the links from reply one from either Internet Explorer or Firefox and both those are up to date.

I can save it to my desktop, but only the GPS to ORD is opening after that.

Any more suggestions?


Can you better define “up to date”? What version of reader are you using? Vista or XP or?? What happens if you copy one of the links from the first reply and then paste it into the address bar in Acrobat reader?

All of the links work just fine for me in either IE or Firefox and in either Vista or XP.


Adobe Acrobat version
Windows Vista

How do I paste a link into Acrobat if there is nowhere to paste a link?


Right click the link and then select “save link as” (or something similar, depending on the browser you are using). Remember where you saved it then double click it to open it up.


“Right click the link and then select “save link as” (or something similar, depending on the browser you are using). Remember where you saved it then double click it to open it up.”

That was the suggestion from Mduell and it didn’t work.

Oh well. I’m sure it’ll work eventually. :smiley:


I am having problems with PDF links here in my Opera Alpha version, but it’s totally a beta version, and not only unique to Flight Aware. Regular Opera works fine.

In addition, have you checked other sites that have PDF links? If not, do so, as this will rule out Flight Aware if you are having the same problem.



Tried links at airnav and they all worked.

Tried the same approaches at flightaware and nothing. :question:


How do you become an alpha tester? I’ve seen public beta tests of programs (the second step in testing) but never public testers of alpha versions.


For Opera my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/

The releases contained in the above, are snapshot builds of beta releases, the beta number doesn’t change, but the build number contained within the beta version does.

I was at a computer convention where M$ reps attended and I got a Vista pre-release CD to be an evaluater, thus getting Vista experience before it went prime time. With a new computer I had just bought at that time, what a better time then to just format the puppy and install the new operating system.

When i ran into compatibility issues (really never discovered until you vest some serious time), I then just restored my brand spanking new computer back to factory state when I got tired of just “dealing with compatibility issues”.



Not sure what the selection process is. I’m an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and a member of MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) as well as A+ and NET+ certified. I’ve been an “Alpha” Beta tester for W2K, XP, Vista, various iterations of MS Office, etc., etc. for MS. I’ve also been selected as a Beta tester for Adobe, various IBM offerings and some other things I can’t mention yet.

I also receive hardware from several manufacturers for long term trials, primarily laptops, for “use them and report back” service.