Approach Charts "file damaged"


I am finding consistant 'file damaged" returns when trying to look at approach plates.
This happened the other evening for KSJO and just now for KPDX.
Do I need an upgraded .pdf reader, or is it a problem at your end with the latest ungrades?.
I LOVE your site by the way, thanks.


None of the approach plates, stars, or SIDs even load for me.

I click on them then wait, and after about a minute, a box pops up that says “the operation has timed out.”


I’ve noticed this happening once in a while. However, it is possible, in most cases, to download the individual items rather than the whole package.

I always recommend that the latest version of the Acrobat reader be used.

Im4point: do you have a broadband connection? The time-out error may be caused by a slow connection.


Yes, I do have cable internet, but never have a problem getting the charts off airnav.


There is a glitch that is causing a problem with some of the bundled PDFs. We’re aware of it and hope to push out a new batch of bundled files very soon.

Also, as far as comparing it to other sites, I’m not aware of any other site that offers bundled PDFs in one PDF file.


This is fixed.