Passenger Tries to Exit NW 630 while taxiing, AUG 11

This AM ( AUG 11 @ 0930 CDST) a male passanger tried to open the forward exit door, while NW Flt 630 (MEM-LGA) was taxiing from the gate to the active runway. Passenger was subdued by flight attendants and off duty police officer. Passenger tried to open forward exit door and tried to deploy safety slid, he also tried to enter the cockpit but was blocked by a flight attendant. Passanger removed from aircraft by Medics being escorted by local polece.

It was 80 year old actor “Nick LaTour”, E.D. Nixon, Jr.

But there appears to be two sides to the story!

Latest news is that all charges have been dropped.

This incident happend this morning around 0930 CDST

In that case, never mind.

Man, I liked the first story more.