Passenger bolts from airliner using emergency chute . . .

Police in Cyprus say a passenger bolted from a plane as it prepared for take-off by opening a rear exit and sliding down an emergency chute.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said the 28-year-old sailor, who holds a Greek passport, then jumped the Larnaca airport fence and disappeared.

Katsounotos did not release the man’s name.

A formal arrest warrant was to be issued later on Sunday on charges of breaking civil aviation safety regulations and entering a prohibited airport space without permission.

Katsounotos said investigators did not know what spurred the man to exit the Cyprus Airways jet on Saturday night moments after the captain ordered the crew to lock the aircraft doors.

The Airbus with 158 passengers aboard was on a scheduled flight to Athens.


I guess he’s more comfortable on a boat than a plane?

Those emergency chutes do double as a life raft.

That is crazy! Why would somebody do that…

I was flying from KSFO to KACV in a embrier that has 1 seat on 1 side and 2 seats on the other side, and a huge fat pax wouldnt not move to the 1 seat by its self, and the person sitting next to her wouldn fly cause she was being squished. so she got wanted off the plane and we were already in line to leave i would say no more than 2 or 3 from take off but its hard to tell cause i cant look forward. the plane got on the runway and flew partway and got off and took her back to the gate to get off. and about 25 others all complaned that the skinny person should not have to leave cause a fat person is taking up too much space, and they verbally complaned the entire 55 minute flight. the 2 flight attendents didnt say a word, they only said if you have any issues please contact mgmt.

i say the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few.

Maybe he got caught using his hand held GPS unit like i did, and didnt want to argue with TSA about it.

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I’m drug free, period. not even caffeine or Tylenol, or should I say acetaminophen.

but with the RN behind my name, i can get the good stuff if i needed it.

besides im flying a 1 hour flight to an airport KACV that gets maybe 4 flights a day, and im using my Garmin GPS to see the altitude and speed. turns out the altitude is calculated not by the z axis of xyz, its calculated by pressure, it maxed at 8000 feet and climbed linear even tho we leveled off and resumed climbing. i was also using my MSFS to follow along and fly the sim version of the embrier while inside the real version. if we lost our comms and the pilots were killed, i would have been a hero, i have no doubt i can land that plane using the radios and ILS alone.
i sit in my seat and dont get up 3 times to pee, i dotn ask for extra peanuts or soda, or ice, i dont get sick, im 100% transparent and they look for a way to complaine, just let me follow along and i will be the most invisible pax they will ever have.

Wouldn’t have any effect anyway, the VA keeps me heavily medicated for YOUR protection! :smiling_imp:

That’s why I don’t buy the “S” (sensors) models :wink:
The barometer only reads cabin pressure altitude. I think I read that you can recalibrate it based on the GPS data and you can see your true altitude, but only for a brief moment before the cabin air pressure messes it up again.

well when i bought mine i assumed it would go by height, i mean its already calculating the other 2 axes’s, oh well, i only use it as a high tech tom tom anyway for my motorcycle or bicycle. but barometric pressure is just about worthless as far as im concerned as far as navigating on ground.