Passenger Opens Emergency Door on Delta Flight

A man is in custody after opening an emergency door on a Delta Air Lines flight that landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Tuesday afternoon.

Phoenix police have not released the man’s name.

Police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson says the 37-year-old man arrived in Phoenix from Salt Lake City about 4:30 p.m.

Thompson says the flight taxied into the gate at Sky Harbor Terminal 3. As people were getting off the plane, the man opened an emergency door and walked out on the plane’s wing. The man was later detained by runway personnel until police arrived.

Police and federal authorities questioned the man. Thompson says charges are pending.,2933,481065,00.html

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instead of checking for weapons they should check the mental capacity of all flying customers. I would have no problem with that. This stuff seems to have been happening alot lately. If I am on a plane and someone acts up, I am involved if need be.

yea well see about that. they seem to bail on prosecution when it comes to the time to put the person on trial.

Southwest would go out of business…

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