Frontier Flight 263


Frontier Airlines Flight 263 (FFT263) has a cargo door problem and is circling Orange Co. Airport…


Yea, it just landed safely. The news media have really been blowing some things out of proportion lately and this is a perfect example of that. Still, on the plus side, at least we got to watch some live aircraft traffic on tv :wink:


I happened to be at LAX yesterday when this happened. I was at the Flightpath Museum in the old West Imperial Terminal. This museum is great - its main thurst is commercial aviation at LAX.

We saw a bunch of firetrucks lining the runway waiting for the aircraft. It was a really big yawner - thankfully. Outside of the firetrucks, nothing unusual happened. Aircraft were still being allowed to take off and land on the runway FFT was to land on.


It was really kind of comical to watch it on CNN and MSNBC. Some of the people on there were doing their very best to make it sound like an emergency of some sort, while others were telling it like it was and saying very clearly it was no big deal. Just the same, I’m happy it was no big deal and would love to see every takeoff and landing from here on out be just as safe.