Paris connection @ CDG - need help finding terminals/gates!!


First time girl’s trip to Europe. My 15 year old daughter and I are flying from Seattle (flight 3639) into CDG, Paris and making a connection from there onto Valencia, Spain. Only have approximately 1.5 hours for connection and have to check in early at the connecting gate (flight 2430) to try our best to get seats together on our way to Spain. I really don’t want to be stuck with separate seats and am worried about how long it will take us to get from one gate and possibly terminal to the next. Delta has been no help whatsoever and the customer service reps seemed confused and cannot look up what terminal and gate we are arriving at and also departing from. I’ve tried to look this up online unsuccessfully. It appears to be Terminal 2E that we’re flying into, maybe?! As for our connection, it’s my best guess! They say it is under the airline “Air Europa” but I’m not finding it.


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