Paris connection @ CDG - need help finding terminals/gates!!


First time girl’s trip to Europe. My 15 year old daughter and I are flying from Seattle (flight 3639) into CDG, Paris and making a connection from there onto Valencia, Spain. Only have approximately 1.5 hours for connection and have to check in early at the connecting gate (flight 2430) to try our best to get seats together on our way to Spain. I really don’t want to be stuck with separate seats and am worried about how long it will take us to get from one gate and possibly terminal to the next. Delta has been no help whatsoever and the customer service reps seemed confused and cannot look up what terminal and gate we are arriving at and also departing from. I’ve tried to look this up online unsuccessfully. It appears to be Terminal 2E that we’re flying into, maybe?! As for our connection, it’s my best guess! They say it is under the airline “Air Europa” but I’m not finding it.


I hate connecting at CDG, that said Air Europa uses 2E or 2D if you believe the wikipedia article. According to the CDG website Delta uses 2,c,d,e,f and G. According to wiki 2E. Good luck.

copy and paste:
There are nine terminals at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport – 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G and 3.

The CDGVAL service and the free airport shuttle service connects them all and each has shops, restaurants and services.

I haven’t been through CDG in a few years, there is a bus service downstairs connecting all the terminals. It is accessible from inside the terminal but is not well marked and the drivers don’t seem to change the sign on the bus very often. They all stop at every terminal. I almost missed a connection waiting for a bus that said terminal 1 once, turned out I let 5 buses go by that were going there after all.


The flights you give are nominally Air France (3639/2430) but are both codeshares with Delta and Air Europa. Looking at a random May date it looks like the connection is 2E to 2F and there is a walkway between the two - about 10 minutes.

Try getting seat assignments via the Air France website, although the CDG-VLC segment may not open far in advance. You can reserve seats on-line for Air Europa up to 48 hours beforehand: click on Services then Seat Reservations. You need the record locator number.


Thanks for the feedback! I will try to get seats on the flights to Spain in advance. Good news! Delta was able to remedy the issue with one of my pre-assigned seats disappearing and we were moved up into nicer seats for our trouble! Seats next to each other as originally set up! Yay, now I’m a happy momma ready to go.


You are actually booked on Delta’s flight 615 from SEA-CDG. AF 3639 (AFR3639) is the Air France Code Share flight number.
Your flight on Europa is Air France code share flight number 2430. However Air Europa has this as their flight number UX 1006 (AEA1006).

Right now it looks as though the flight leaves out of Terminal 2F, as others have stated. Realistically it takes more than 10 minutes to go between the two from the time your plane pulls into the gate.

Remember you will have to clear passport control (immigration) in France in Terminal 2E. You will then take the walk-way or look for “flight connections/correspondences” signs which lead to airside transfer buses. Upon reaching 2F you will have to go through security before entering the gate area. This is true for all terminals.

Also, you will want to verify your flight to Valencia as leaving from Terminal 2F, reason being that this flight sometimes departs from Terminal 2D.


NWTraveler, even though CDG is huge with many very spread-out terminals, 90 minutes should be fine to get your connection. The shuttle system is fairly efficient (when not on strike…) and signage is very good. I know that with Air France you can check in via internet 30 hours in advance for the first flight and that includes your second flight, even though it is far more than 30 hours for it. Also, as your checked luggage will be on the second plane they will probably wait for you. They avoid as much as possible to take your luggage off the plane, which they must do if you’re not aboard. Last fall at CDG we were sitting for almost one hour in a full A380, waiting for a few passengers to arrive. You might also have a look at this interactive connection guide on CDG’s official website: … on-flight/