Finding a destination from a gate

Hello, new user here, trying to figure something out. I flew from Melbourne to Auckland to LAX to ORD to LSE last Saturday. I completely crashed on the flight from LAX to ORD, and left my laptop and some important notes on the flight in ORD. The AA lost & found office at ORD is not open until Tuesday. I’m concerned that the laptop might have stayed on the plane and gone on to the plane’s next destination.

So, I know that I was on flight 1196 from LAX to ORD, and that we got off at gate H15 in ORD - this flight: … /KLAX/KORD

Is it possible to find out where that plane went next?


Hate to say it, but its more than likely a proud new possession of a stewardess/steward or plane cleaner.

Paris … /KORD/LFPG

…but I would suspect your stuff got off in Chicago.

Thanks! Good to hear it was an international flight, I bet they really have to go through the planes thoroughly before those. BTW, how did you figure that out?

No laptop in Paris or Chicago. Any chance someone could figure out where it went after Paris? I know it is unlikely, but I don’t think American cleans it’s planes as often as people think.

Never mind, looks like it went back to Chicago again. I don’t get why people wouldn’t turn in a laptop. I just don’t. Frustrating.

I’m still tracking the plane. I am aware that the more stops I check the less likely it is to find my laptop, but it’s only a phone call to a lost and found, and I really need the laptop.

So far, I know it went from ORD to CDG (Flight AAL42) on Sept 18th, then from CDG to JFK (Flight AAL45) on Sept 19th.

Anyone able to figure out where it went from there? Or a hint on how to track a plane? All I’ve been able to do is sort by airliner, but that only lists planes that are in the air.


I can’t help with tracking the plane. I just wanted to make sure you called all of those airports its been at, correct? I hate to say this, but it is quite possible it was stolen.

Yes, I’ve called ORD and Paris, no luck. I tried JFK about 10 times from this afternoon until now, but keep getting an “all circuits are busy” message.

I do think it was probably stolen, which is pretty pathetic. But if there is a 1% chance it stayed on the plane through a few airports, it’s worth it for me to call around. I think there is a decent chance that it stayed on the plane a while - I had it under a seat in the very back of the plane, I’d say the plane would have to be at about 95% capacity for someone to sit where I did, and even then, if it were a kid or a smaller person, they might not have even noticed the laptop. And unless AA was doing a very thorough cleaning they wouldn’t have found it.

So, my question for you plane sleuths out there - where did this plane go next? And after that? Even better, please let me know how to follow an individual plane and I’ll do it myself. If I knew where to call, I’d call every place that plane has been since last weekend. … /LFPG/KJFK

I applaud your tenacity, but you need only have made one phone call, to AA lost and found and let them attempt to track the plane and hope to recover your laptop.

At this point your time will be far better spent replacing the laptop and recovering your files from your backup source.