I was wondering if you could check flights from the past


And also if you can find flights from other Countries. Because my flight from LA to Brazil and then another flight from Brazil to Porte Alegra Brazil. But the flight to Porte Alegra had to switch planes because it was smoking. I was wondering if i could find away to track it.


Check the FAQ’s

International flights - flightaware.com/about/faq.rvt#intl

History - flightaware.com/about/faq.rvt#airporthistory


Ok thanks i guess i won’t be able to find it here since it happend like 3 years ago.


That’s why the made the FAQs and give you a search option in the forum. Answers to both questions would have been found easily by looking in the FAQs and searching the forum. The FAQs would have been the first place I’d have gone to. Come to think of it, they were the first place I went to after signing up for FlightAware.