Panning/zooming maps with OpenLayers


Hi all,

I’m a MapServer developer and I’ve been watching FlightAware much more frequently as I’ve started my PPL training. One thing I’d really like to be able to do with FlightAware (I’m sure this request comes frequently) is to be able to pan and zoom around the maps.

A post by one of the other MapServer developers stated that FlightAware uses MapServer for some of its map renderings, and one suggestion for the mapping developers to look at is OpenLayers OpenLayers can quickly provide the “slippy map” interface that many who are familiar with Google Maps, etc. are used to. Just an idea anyway.

Also, bugzilla appears to be down currently




Like you said, zoom requests come very, very frequently. A quick search of the forums would have revealed

Note the bottom set of bullets.



I’m currently tracking N708AF from KBED to Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo Florida (07FA). What is unusual is that when the flight started out of Bedford the map was zoomed in all the way on the airport and surrounding area. As the flight reached the edge of the map, it automatically zoomed out a little to keep the aircraft icon visible. I thought maybe for a second that David changed something else (he’s been on a roll lately) but I think what is happening is that FlightAware doesn’t know where 07FA is because it’s private, even though when you click on the airport it does have airport history. There is no map associated with the airport either.
Just an observation.