Pan Zooming for Airport Activity maps

Hi Flightaware Programmers.
I really enjoy viewing the airport activity maps showing the local blue and transition green flights. I frequently like to view the airport activity maps for JFK.BOS,YYZ & YUL to view local and high level flights.
For instance i see a lot of IAD flights routing over JFK at high level enroute to Europe
Unfortunately a fair amount of flights on the screen ie local and transition do not always show a flight identification tag due to the volume of flights.
For example, i will see several green transition flights on the screen routing over YYZ that have no flight identification tag.This can be frustrating since i like to identify the flights that are passing over YYZ at high level.
I emailed Flightaware regarding this, and have asked if they could offer a pan zooming feature which would hopefully allow users like myself to zoom in and identify all the flights, on the screen.
Flightaware replied, and said they will be introducing pan zooming on the Airport Activity map. This is great news, and it would be wonderfull if this pan zooming feature for the Airport Activity maps is up and running within the next couple of months.
Users like myself would then be able to identify all the flights on the Airport Activity screen
Thanks in advance

It will definitely be online in the next month or two, thanks!

Hi dbaker,
Many thanks for your reply.
I look very much forward to seeing the Airport Activity pan zooming being online around mid/late october 2009 if all goes to plan.
Thanks in advance

Also looking forward to this. This would make the site very competitive with other systems like AirNav systems etc.

Done! See the announcement and this thread.