Origination/Destination Airports


I love having the origin and destination airports indicated on the local airport activity screens. Please keep them.

Good job.

I suspect that this has been requested before but…it would be really helpful to be able to zoom in on the airport activity screens so that info on all of the aircraft being tracked is available.



Great! They’re around for good and not going anywhere.

This is actually one of our oldest requests. We implemented it once but we weren’t really happy with the way it worked so we didn’t deploy it, but we do have a developer working on it at the moment.


I’m one of those who has asked for zoom/pan map implementation. While you’re working on that, might it be possible to use an alt-text box to pop up that information on any aircraft icon that one scrolls a mouse cursor over? This would be the same technique that you now use so well on the airport pages to show airport cities, airplane owners, etc. It would provide a lot of information without polluting the basic map with tons of text.


Good to see you back in the forums, tobyz1!