What’s with this flight track today?


At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. As a result, information on this page may be unreliable


Nothing unusual - just taking advantage of the winds! :stuck_out_tongue:

The same flight has several light, horizontal lines in the flight track today. Bug?

Jeff, please see my earlier reply.


The earlier flight track has the dark blue line that actually shows the path of the flight was odd. Today, I’m writing about the multiple horizontal lines.

Doesn’t appear on your monitor?


Jeff, Flights outside of FA’s area get screwed up in the map display and/or textural data. It’s very common for flights that go beyond the service area and has already been mentioned several times in these forums. Apologies for sounding like the board police, but dbaker told you twice: “At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. As a result, information on this page may be unreliable”.

You are acting like the board police. Daniel DID reply with the same answer twice. I was wasn’t sure he was replying to two different problems that I was talkiing about. The second item appeared to be a bug–this IS a new service;there can be bugs. Are ALL anomilies in international flights due to just being international flights? PAL105 looks just fine today. I’m dealing directly with Daniel on this.

Please accept my apology. I did not realize that you, being a member for less than 2 weeks, had a direct connection with Daniel to be able to work directly with him on problems that have already been addressed. I must have been confused by the post being made to the incorrect forum. This IS a new site, and there ARE bugs, so I didn’t realize that the staff wanted to address them multiple times when brought up again by a different new member. I’ll be more careful on who I’m dealing with next time. Sorry.

To BTaylor:

Sarcasm is unnecessary, genius. You can have the site–I’m done. I sent the following to Daniel, today.


I work in the Information Technology for one of the biggest banks in the country. I’ve also been a beta tester for AOL for the last 4 releases.

Being a fairly new online service, I thought FlightAware would like feedback on things that look strange or may not work as intended. That’s what I do for a living. It appears your “Charter Members”, whatever rights that title give them, seem to think they own the message boards.

My input doesn’t seem to meet their approval. I’ve only been trying to help, but due to the two recent incidents with BTaylor and tobyz1, I’m done–no more for me. I don’t need the hassle.

I think you have a great product. It can be better if you stop these people from bullying the boards and quashing feedback


My apologies also to you, Jeff. I’ve now posted 136 messages here and I don’t think anyone’s ever suggested that I’ve bullied the boards or quashed feedback before.

Have a fantastic weekend! :smiley:

Hi, folks.

I think that what we have here is just a miscommunication and the failure of expression and emotion in the era of communication on internet message boards. Perhaps if this was a site discussing world politics I could expect to see animosity between members but on a flight tracking site, it’s hard to believe that we can’t all get along.

I think everyone’s trying to help and admitedly, my second reply didn’t make a substantial effort to resolve any potential miscommunication about Jeff’s question.

Jeff, I got your e-mail, but since you posted here, I feel like a public reply is also sufficient. I certainly welcome your feedback and I think the response from other folks after your message has indicated the same.

Let’s stick to working together & everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Bank Employee! :unamused:

Information Technology employee.