Overlay RADAR onto Approach Plates, DPs, and STARs?

With the addition of the new instrument procedure charts, I think it would be quite a cool trick if an option were added to overlay the radar screens over one of the procedures–to scale, of course–to see just how closely they are followed.


It ought to work (in the future) for you, Shaun, if that’s what you want to do.

FA staff is working to give users the ability to zoom in and to recenter maps. Center a map on the lat/lon of a NAVAID location and kyou’ll have what you want. It’s coming up!

Cool! :slight_smile:

That is going to be cool.
One more idea :bulb: not that you don’t have a long list of them… :smiley:
When activating a map for a particular airport how about “tagging up” aircraft operating to/from that airport first then, space permitting, overflying aircraft.