I’m ready! Who else is?

Dates: July 28- August 3


Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! :frowning:


spirit is willing, flesh is willing, wallet is weak…


Solution! I’ll cover your costs and you carry me! Giddyup! http://www.comicguide.net/images/smilies/peitsche.gif


…And I’ll fly you out in my phantom 750. I’ll even do .92 for you. …and maybe level 510 if you don’t bring too much luggage.


haha man I wish that were feasable!! oh yeah, and that you werent being sarcastic haha!!


What do you mean? I was being serious! :wink:

J might be going out again this year with some friends and I could probably tag along, but once we got there I’d be stuck due to all the walking involved. Don’t do walking too well anymore.

I need to get me one of those all-terrain Segways that looks like a Segway on tundra tires:


That’s the ticket.


Spirit is willing, flesh is willing, wallet is willing, WIFE is weak…or would that make me weak… :cry:


haha man I wish i could make it. cept…umm…dont have a plane!! or a license!! but yeah…one of these days ill get there!!!


I’m probably going to get in trouble for asking this but, WITH would you take your wife to Oshkosh?

Unless you’re one of those fortunate folks who are married to another pilot, like my son, I can’t imagine what momentary aberration could cause anyone to invite their wife to an airshow other than a possible desire to see her eyes roll back in her head out of sheer boredom within the first five minutes of arrival.

Kinda’ like how I’d look immediately upon arrival at a quilting bee!

One of the secrets to our 36 years of wedded bliss is that I don’t force my wife to attend car, auto or boat shows and she doesn’t force me to attend flower, gardening or home shows.

Promise her anything, but leave her home. You’ll be glad you did.


I’ll be around for a couple days.


I read this and thought it kind of sad that your significant other isn’t with you to share in things that make you happy.

While I haven’t been married 36 years (that would have had me being married at age 15!), I do have a great relationship.

The secret to my relationship is just opposite of JHEM’s. I go to things that she enjoys (things like those artsy fartsy art shows) that bore the life out of me. Why? Because I love her and I enjoy doing things with her that make her happy.

On the other hand, she does things like me that bore her out of her skull (plane spotting, for example). Why? Because she loves me and she enjoys seeing me doing things that make me happy.

And neither one of us forces the other one to do it. We do it because we love each other.


I’m looking forward to the Dreamlifter’s takeoff.


There is lots to do in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Dells, the waterpark capital of the world comes to mind, a two hour drive, and a quick flight to Oshkosh. Now, I am not talking about the wife having to go down waterslides, but using the spas that all the resorts have, or using lazy rivers that women love.

She doesn’t have to go to the airshow, you could drop her somewhere for the day, and then come back to the hotel after the day is over. There is lots to do in Wisconsin. Unless, you don’t want to leave her alone.


Tried that. I’m probably why they did this. Sixth bullet down.



You can always go with the Rascal Scooter a la George Costanza.


I’m very fortunate that my wife lets me go off and do many things by myself, but with four kids (12, 8, 2, & 1 year old) it is either take everyone or take a couple of kids.

The 12 and 8 year olds are girls and don’t really share my passion for planes, as exhibited by the eye rolling I got when I stopped at every airport on our way to Green Bay this week (by car not plane). If I were to take the 2 & 1 year olds I would have to deal with diaper bags and nap times and I don’t think that would go to well at an airshow, although they did pretty good at TVC a couple of weeks ago when we (everyone) sat outside the Coast Guard hangar watching the full Cherry Festival Airshow take off and land (Blue Angels, Fat Albert, F-15, six A-10s, four F/A-18 Super Hornets, two HH-65s, P-51, and the Aero Shell AT-6s).

So I’ll just sit back and be envious of you guys that get to go and wait until I get my chance to go.


Thursday may be the best day…


OK, that officially sucks!

Thanks, but while I might consider an iBot, the day a Rascal comes into my life is the day I depart it!


Yep, realistically, guilt-free independent vacations don’t really work until the crumb snatchers are grown.

I was very fortunate in being able to get away alone for a number of sailing trips over the years, but I paid a heavy price! :wink: