Flight Aware Shindig

I would like to host a Flight Aware Fly-In meet and greet in 2009

Who out there would be interested in flying in to have a two day fun time with all the trimmings, let me know and I can arrange everything

Bring the single, twin, and jet, the wife , kids and what not

Where? depends on the response here, then we go from here

When? around middle to late May but before Memorial Day

I’d be interested.

Iowa would probably be the most centrally located :open_mouth: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Of course for those like myself, weather will play a huge part in whether I can make it as we exit the severe weather season and enter the summertime mode down my way.

I actually was considering Oshkosh because of the good fuel prices and the lack of any significant traffic before EAA Airventure…

And I live here and know the FBO’s very well, plus exclusive relationship with EAA Airventure Museum


I figured as much and I could as easily make it there as well as IA. I was just messing around with the suggestion of IA as I don’t know a soul there anyway.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to practice the RIPON (sp?) approach anyway :stuck_out_tongue: since I never have been there during “da week” of adventures.

Well, time for me to get off this computer and go to a 99’rs flyin at Raymond MS (M16). Another FA member is going with me since he is in town.

Anything for free food and heck, we just may be the minority being of the male persuasion. :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife is the head dog at the VFW (Ladies Auxillary), and they can cook up some mighty fine “brats and burgers”…not free but let me tell ya’ they are very reasonable

Plus there is many nice drinking establishments, that is, if you engage in such activities

mrhelio, apparently you didn’t read the FAQ and the fine print in the terms of service! As a member of FlightAware you are entitled to all of the benefits of membership. This includes unlimited access to the FlightAware hospitality tent at EAA-Oshkosh and all other major aviation events such as AOPA, Sun & Fun, NBAA, etc… FlightAware has recipricol agreements with their european counter parts so you can partake in the fun over there. Paris? Yep! Farnborough? Check! We’ll see you around!

Dag nab it little Luke…I’m in there somewhere!!!

I actually did read that but was trying to do something other than the norm…

I’ve been attending Airventure for the last 25 years…not my thing anymore

I would love to attend. I would have to figure out how I can get there. I’m not a pilot, yet.

We got plenty of time to figure something out…Love to have you

I just have to figure out what is the closest airport to KOSH that Delta flies into. I might have to go to Milwaukee and have a friend drive me up or find someone around KDAY that’s willing to come up as well.

KDAY not far off my beaten path (touch over 1 hour out of my way if Cincy approach doesn’t vector me timbucktoo).

If this comes off and weather Gods behave, I wouldn’t have any problem dropping in to pick you up as long as you don’t mind a GA bird :smiley:

Or like you said, maybe somebody closer may jump in and lend you a wing.

No cost but your time on my part. 2.50 hours from KDAY to KOSH without wind consideration in my Slowdowner!

Appleton KATW

There is a Slowdowner here for a Flight School, not much different than a Cherokee 180 or Archer…We have 3 Helio’s commited to attend

I don’t mnd GAs. In fact, I would prefer to fly with one of you guys. Just have to get off work now.

I would be interested if my sked permits. Heck, I may even catch a ride with Allen if he has room. If not, I could burns some frequent flyer miles to get there. Sounds fun though.


I think sched / work will be a common denominator on whether most of us (including myself) goes. Not sure about others, but I have to plan for the following Monday off “just in case” weather is not GA friendly on Sunday.

Thinking ahead and so it doesn’t be “too close” to Memorial day weekend, I’d suspect the earlier in May the better the chance of people getting off of work

Since we are still in October and have 6 months to go, date obviously can be worked out closer.

Easy enough to catch up with you HC, so save your frequent fliers miles for another trip :smiley: (Unless of course if I cannot make it and you can!)

May 15-16, 2009 at Orion Flight Services FBO, KOSH

It is the northeast side of the field near the terminal

If this works let me know

I’ll put together the details as of today

Just spoke with the fine folks at Orion Flight Services and it is on…

We will start coordinating the schedule of events this week and put all the chickens in the cart

Right now, NBAA is going on so I’ll wait till that event winds down and contact Corporate and network the details

For now, you can contact Garrett Kamark at Orion Flight the following way…



Stephen (mrhelio)

Anymore details?

I already have a reason to make my way to Oshkosh once a year. Wouldn’t it be good to have it at a different place spread things out a bit.

Sporty’s Fly-In is scheduled for May 16th. That’s a good central location near Cincinnati. Free hot dogs.