Oshawa GA show - photos from this weekends show . . .


Located at Oshawa Airport (YOO) this weekend, 3 hour airshow each day including Patty Wagstaff, a Spitfire, and on static display they have a Cessna Mustang N22EM and an Eclipse 500 N545MA.

Cirrus ‘The Jet’ mockup will be there along with a small fleet of SR-22 G-3’s, lots of Diamonds, and lots of demo flights.

Oshawa Airport is just east of Toronto.

Canadian Aviation Expo website


On Friday, Rick Volker lost a fuel cap in flight, and had a forced landing in his Sukhoi into a farmers field with some prop damage. Another highlight was Patty Wagstaff both talking with her and watching her amazing perfomance.

So here are some photos from the Saturday static display;

Privately owned Spitfire Mk. 9

Canadian registered Hawker Hurricane

Brand new PA-46 Matrix on delivery to Ottawa Cessna dealer

Brand new Cessna 400

L-29 N29VN owned by local Air Canada Pilot

N220SU one of 6 Cirrus SR-22 G-3’s

A nicely polished Seebee

Women Aviations Cessna 170 CF-HER *still the CF- not C-F

A 1990 Waco YMF-5

Cessna 510 N22EM

Rick posing for the photo - this guy is an athelete!!!

Cessna 208B c/n 2000 - all decked out with tiger interior

Piaggio P.180 Avanti

Pattys time machine!!!

Not sure if this is a Cruise Missle or an EA500 - but it is small!!!

One of four Harvards

A couple of Dakota’s

Full size mock-up with engine of Diamond Star DA-50

and acouple of final shots . . .



I found it interesting this aircraft is registered to a man (John Atkins).

If you want information on how aircraft registration marks are done in Canadian, see Section 202 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

This particular aircraft was manufactured in 1952 (also see here and here).


How does this compare with Oshkosh (assuming you’ve been there)?Looks like a neat airshow.


Magnificent job Rob, thanks.

Too bad J wasn’t aboard that P180.


CF-HER Cessna 170 - might have jumped the gun on the owner??? There was a booth set up in front of it, A Womens Aviation Club, and I ‘Assumed’ the plane sitting in front of them with the registration CF-HER was theirs??? Kinda funny!

As for comparing Oshkosh, Oshawa is a fun ‘little’ show, but it would fit in a very small area of the car park at Oshkosh!!! If you were in the market for a ultra light or a very light aircraft, it would be the show to attend in Toronto.

London Ontario used to have the best airshow, I’m not sure if it was insurance that killed it, but the best show in Canada now is out near Vancouver.

Anyone in the North West USA August 8-10 is the Abbotsford Intl Airshow;


This years show includes the Thunderbirds and Snowbirds.


New paint for N208ED.


Thought I recognized the Hurricane!


I had a great chat with Howard and Dave at Rockcliff last summer. Great guys!


Great pics Rob. Thanks!


There’s always FlightAware Photos for this!


How to upload photos on FlightAware???

I ‘uploaded’ my photos from my camera to my computer, and then onto photobucket.

When I click on ‘Browse’ to upload to Flightaware, the Nikon folder just says it is empty??

So photobucket has 4 choices, email/im, direct link, html code, img code.
Will one of these four choices be a correct upload for FlightAware!!


You should upload directly from your computer and not a web site. Go to photos, click on browse, locate the file (as indicated, it can be on the hard disk - you can also upload from CDs and flash drives), then click on upload now.