What happened with this flight IF you know???



I am going to go out on a limb here and say it has something to do with refiling because the flight to Burlington was diverted.

Look below the ORD-ORD flight. Same day, same departure time…


WOW I didn’t even see that. Is there a way I could find out info on this flight and why it was diverted??


Yep, that flight got about 30 minutes out and something happened. It had to turn around and go back to ORD.

The ORD/BTV flight plan was aborted and marked “diverted”. A new ORD/ORD plan was created, using the initial takeoff time out of ORD. The ORD arrival time was noted, resulting in a 1:05 duration.

That flight was cancelled and passengers put on other flights as available (indicated by the fact that there was no second takeoff for the plane or for a substituted plane).

What happened? Who knows? Probably mechanical. Possible a passenger health issue, but then the plane would likely have been diverted to Detroit. Possibly an unruly passenger, but again they could have diverted to Detroit and the continued to BTV.

Chances are you can’t find out for sure. There are no press releases for mechanical issues that don’t result in emergency landing precautions (like landing gear stuck in ‘up’ position). There are rarely press releases for health problems. You might find something if someone was arrested and taken into custody in Chicago, but again, wouldn’t they have chosen to land in Detroit?

Search Google News for [airplane Chicago]. Probably nothing relevant will show up.


As a Chicago resident - I never heard anything on the local news regarding this event. Probably one of the previously mentioned issues that probably happen more often than the general public realizes.


Captain remembered he left the iron on back at his apartment.


I was thinking the captain promised his wife a free weekend.


Captain remembered he left his wife on back at the apartment.


F.O. remembered he left his wedding ring in the nightstand drawer back at the hotel…

(having made that mistake too many times earlier in his career, the captain would NEVER make that mistake, but understandably diverted back understanding the F.O.'s blunder.