OR334 has not left Cancun, Flightaware shows it has left


This flight is super delayed at Cancun and has not even took off, they are putting the people in hotels now as I write this, still Flightaware shows that they have travelled already 1.180 km


Start engine problems, so my wife and son are stuck there. :frowning:


I really wonder what it is tracking now, as how come it shows that the aeroplane is flying while it is not starting the engines.

Where is flightaware pulling the information to make the simulation, as if I would not know better I would really believe that they have covered 1.257 km now.


That’s an estimated position, FA doesn’t get any real-time flight info from some countries. I can see were that would be a problem for you and others that might have family member on it.


Sorry about that, Miami Center sent us a departure for the flight and marked it as active for a while so we flew it.


Stuck in Cancun expenses paid. My heart bleeds! :wink: