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Operating costs of Airbus & Boeing aircraft

Does anybody have a list of the current operating costs of Airbus & Boeing aircraft or info on just one type?



Try transtats.bts.gov/DL_SelectF … 0Financial

you’ll need to download the lookup tables to decode the aircraft codes

and of course, costs vary significantly based on sector length.

I saw one document once produced by bombardier that had a chart that showed CASM on the Y-axis and stage length on the X-axis for the Q400, CRJ-200, CRJ-700, CRJ-900, E-145, E-170, E-190, A-319 (with legacy costs), and A-319 (with LCC costs).

for stage lengths under 400 miles the Q400 was by far the most efficient, but past that the CRJ-700 and 900 was much more efficient and the Q-400 was only a little better than the CRJ-200. Also showed the CRJ-700 and -900’s advantage over mid-length stages over the E-jet due to its lower airframe weight.