CJ 525 versus KA B200

Can anyone compare/contrast these two aircraft as it pertains to regular annual inspections and ordinary maintenance costs. I have a pretty good handle on the direct hourly operating costs. I don’t have good figures on the annual recurring inspections and cycle/time related expenditures. I am trying to decide which way to go on a purchase. Currently flying a E90 KA. I like the cabin size of the 200, but also like the speed of the Citation and the ability to go well into the 30’s for weather topping or avoidance. I also understand that the Citation is probably easier (read that as lower work load) than the 200’s to fly. Please enlighten me…Any experienced insight is greatly appreciated!! Also, is getting typed in the CJ any major hurdle. The initial training and transition from a Malibu to the E90 was basically a piece of cake.

Excellent source of info for Citations; cessnacitationforum.com/foru … p?act=home

The re-currency training will cost allot more with the CJ.

CJ- Insurance will probably require second pilot for a while and maybe always. Of course this depends on how you insure and plan to use it.
Single pilot type ratings are not normal or discouraged may be a better description for first training/type visit to flight safety even for ATP .

King Air- Crew problems are less as there are a ton of qualified pilots around. No type required will save bucks per year in training expense and there are several places to get good training.

As for service work. most CJ’s need to be service center inspected and if you are close to one no big deal, if not it is a pain. I only had Cj for two years and really can’t comment on long term recurring expenses for the jet.

King Air service is done almost any turboprop shop. Lots of trained tech’s around and parts availability is excellent.

I have owned and flew both. Still have my King Air and enjoy it.