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Okay, I have a question. Why do airlines operate flights for other airlines. For example, in June I am flying to Kauai with family and friends for leisure.

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It says

US Airways 6711
operated by United Airlines 41

Depart: SFO at 9:30 am
Arrive: LIH at 11:59 am

US Airways 6710
operated by United Airlines 62

Depart: LIH at 1:30 pm
Arrive: SFO at 9:29 pm

That can really confuse someone. I mean if they did not notice that it was operated by United, and show up on the day of the departure at the US Airways check in, they could miss their flight. Why dont they just say that the flight is with United instead of confusing customers.

Correct me if Im wrong but this is called codesharing. This is the act that makes checking through and booking flights with connections a whole lot easier.

Also helps rack-up frequent-flyer miles too.

It’s what these Star Alliance, OneWorld, Skyteam, etc… are all about.
Participating airlines coordinate flights so that a larger geographical area can be covered with a more intensive schedule.

Why codesharing? Accounting purposes, amongst others. It gives the airline emitting the ticket a way to allocate the ticket sales revenue to all of the involved carriers.

Every airline is codesharing. As great as some of the ‘perks’ may be…it’s confusing to passengers, and even worse for the actual airline employees who work them, especially when reissuing a ticket for someone if the ticket is purchased in another airline’s ticket stock.

So, always read that fine print when buying a ticket. :wink: If I’m buying a ticket on Alaska Airlines, I sure as heck want to be flying on them. If not, I’d go elsewhere to buy a ticket.

We might have surprises sometimes. Some time back, I had booked a flight through Air Canada that was supposed to be operated by United. Turned out once I got to CYOW, I learned that the flight [that day] would effectively be operated by Air Canada.

Really? Did you book your flight well in advance? I know after a few months the flights change. That’s odd, though.

You would still check in at the US Airways counter.

No, they always send us away to the airline we’re actually “flying” on to be checked in. =(

Eh, Ive always had the opposite experience. Checking in with the airline i purchased the ticket from.

It might depend on whether the two airlines are in the same terminal building or not. Looking at a map of SFO, US airways is in terminal 1 while UA domestic is in terminal 3.
Does your Orbitz confirmation tell you where to check in?