'Scuse my ignorance but if, say, BA is flying a codeshare flight for AA… what do the cabin crew say? “Thank you for choosing AA… too bad you got stuck with us”???

It’s a codeshare, not a charter, so it has a BA flight number as well as an AA (and maybe other) number. So the announcement usually mentions BA (the operator) first, and then either something generic (such as “flown in conjunction with AA”), or a specific mention of the codeshare flight number (“Welcome to BA 99, also AA 123”).

I have never heard an onboard announcement refer to the codeshare flight number. I doubt the crew (flight- and cabin-) even know it’s a codeshare; why would they ?

I’ve never seen any acknowledgement of any kind by the airline operating the flight. No mention at the gate, flight crew or cabin crew.

I’ve been on flights where there was no mention, sure, but I’ve been on many, many flights where the airport monitors, the gate, and the on-board announcements all acknowledged the code share. Other flights I’ve been on there was no mention on the airport monitors or gate, but the on-board announcement included it.

(Note that the airport monitors and gate displays sometimes alternate between the operating carrier’s flight number and the code-share(s) so you may have to watch for a minute to see it.)

I assume that, as in some many other areas, practices vary.

The code share flight numbers are usually printed on the info page for the flight in the airline’s terminal (that shows the flight#, equip, cap and booked per class, O&D, Times, etc.). The Lead FA usually carries a print out of this onto the aircraft.

Also the codeshare flight numbers are higher number ( 8000/9000 ) from the actual operators flight number. I have never heard of the original operator mention the codeshare flight number.

Many airports do list the codeshare. I am positive I heard them say both the scheduled flight and the codeshare with it, last time I flew.

Ohhh, must be confusing, buying from AA then having to go to a BA counter, gate etc…I’m sure people get confused…

Not only a different airline terminal but quite often an entirely different terminal building!

As a gate agent at KDAY for Delta, I don’t think I’ve nor my co-workers ever announce codeshare flights. We do have codeshare flights with Air France and Northwest though I think it would just confuse people with an announcement like that here though.