I searched the forums and could not find if this topic had been discussed before and I am sure it has so please forgive me.

Is there a way to include the codeshare information for the flights? Though it makes things slightly more confusing I feel it gives a better overview of the traffic patterns between airports. As we all know many of the short distance regional flights are codeshare connections.

While studying the nearest major airport to me, KBOS, I was amazed at how many flights are codeshares for airlines that I would like to spot here. Unfortunately, it is obviously to the codesharing airlines’ advantage to piggy-back on another airline rather than incur the cost of operating their own flight.


i doubt it. Codeshares are strictly a marketting scheme. When a flight plane is filed it has nothing to do with code shares and i believe that this is the data soure for Flightaware.

…mods, correct me if I’m wrong.

Code shares (2 words, not one) has been discussed. Here’s one: … code+share

It is also discussed in a section of FlightAware that many people don’t seem to know exists: The questions/answers section. See the answer on code shares here.

Ok thank you for pointing me in the right direction, much appreciated. I will just have to get my own list going for my local area. I am really only interested in the code shares for major airlines. The regionals are a whole other story.