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Missing codeshares

Some regional flights are missing their mainline “codeshare” counterparts. This means two things:

  1. Using the data, we are unable to determine which banner the operator is actually flying under, especially for those regionals that fly for multiple mainlines.
  2. You cannot lookup the flight using the mainline code.


RPA4613 on 8/19 does not list any codeshares. It should list AAL4613. And any search for AAL4613 or even AA4613 comes up blank.

On the other hand, RPA5648 on 8/20 lists codeshares, including DAL5648. And a search using the DAL code will correctly point you to the RPA flight.

After digging deeper, it appears it may only be an issue with RPA/AA, but not all of those flights are having the issue. However, I have not done an extensive search.

Edit: I just noticed another recent post regarding codeshares (Missing flight schedule for FR145). Not sure if that is related or not. If so, sorry for the duplicate post.

It looks like this was the result of a gap in the schedules used to determine the codeshare relationships. The RPA4613-AAL4613 relationship should be fixed as of Aug 22nd.

Ha, that’s interesting because I used to determine the relationships based on known number blocks assigned to each regional. But I kept having to update my list because the airlines change them so often. And so I’d have gaps just like that. But about a month ago I switch to using the codeshares to determine the relationship, which is very helpful.

So it begs the question: Do you have any procedure set up to keep up with any changes to those number blocks?

RPA4673 and RPA4603 on 8/29, departing from PHL, are having the same issue. Interestingly enough, it appears they “lost” the codeshare field after they departed. I have an alert set in my system that will let me know immediately when a missing codeshare is detected. I only got the alert for those two flights at 20:00 EDT, about 2 hours after they both departed.

Today, both SKW5762 and SKW5843 were missing codeshares for UAL. Looks like they changed the flight number blocks for the start of the month.