US6215 / UAL1429 is not cancelled but missing :(

FlightAware and other data providers all seem to be missing the NY to Denver leg of flight US6215 / UA1429 which departs and arrives tomorrow (June 16 2012). The flight is not cancelled and does show up on the US Airways website: … 2012-06-16

Any idea what is going on? A customer sent me a complaint about it.

That’s probably because UAL1429 on the 16th flies from GUA to and terminates at JFK. There is no segment to DEN.

This is per the United web site.

A user sent me their ticket stub, which showed the flight US6215 for that segment, but it appears the airlines may have reassigned the flight number due to bad weather and flights being moved around.

One thing you might not know is that flight numbers used for passengers are not always the same as used for ATC purposes. Example: A passenger may be booked on UAL1234 but the flight plan shows UAL432P.

Good to know. Is there any way to resolve this discrepancy? My users are passengers.

Hopefully someone at FlightAware can help. I don’t know if they can because the different flight numbers used for ATC and PAX are not always intuitive.

Since codeshares vary by day of week, codeshare lookups in the API, where no date is provided, only work on the day of the flight.

On Friday, when you looked, AWE6215 did not operate. On Saturday, it’s UAL758 KLGA-KDEN-KLAS. Sunday it did not operate. Today it’s UAL1429 KDEN-KSFO.

@mduell Thanks for the detailed response. I didn’t realize that the codeshares change so frequently, or that the API can look them up for me provided I specify the date I’m interested in!

Great support on these forums as always :slight_smile: