Codeshare Info on tracking pages

I have a friend traveling to the States from Germany today. She booked it entirely through Lufthansa. DLH went via Star Alliance for the last part of the flight, KCLT-KPHX with AWE. Even though her ticket may say DLH 1484, her plane will actually be AWE 1515.
I was wondering if there was a way… Where someone would type “DLH1484” into the tracker, and it would come back and say something like “This is a codeshare flight via Star Alliance (or Sky Team etc), being operated as AWE1515. Click here for tracking info.” (hypothetically speaking)…
I know this would probably take up a few resources with the hosts/servers and all, but I was just wondering if something like this is feasible. I’m sure there are people who might come here looking for a certain codeshare flight so they can track friends/relatives, but they don’t know that actual flight number it’s being operated as. (DLH1484 is not found here).

Thanks again for the great site.

I don’t see a need to take up resources doing that when they would be better spent on zoomable maps. If they want to track a code share there are ways of finding out who is actually operating the aircraft and the flight number. If nothing else, they can go to the airline’s web page.

The issue is the airlines don’t publish the 1 to 1 mapping of codeshares to the public, although you can buy them from some data providers. If you look up a flight number and don’t find the flight you expect, try the “Don’t know the flight number?” link.

Yeah, that’s how I found AWE1515. I’ve seen airport websites with that kind of info, though (Hong Kong, for one), and I just wondered if it was possible here. Thanks again! 8)

You also need to remember that any given flight could be a code share for six or more different airlines!

Good point. I think the don’t know the flight number is sufficient, and if you are looking for one specific flight, you likely know the origin, destination, and time frame. I agree, zoomable maps would be a better feature than knowing what every airline calls the other airline’s flights…

While thinking about this, one area in which this could be beneficial is for the Delta/NWA merger until they are both operating under the same certificate. Delta FAs all wear Delta uniforms and name-tags, the ticketing and gate counters all say Delta, and to top it off, some NWA aircraft say Delta. Unless the traveling public is aviation savvy, which in many cases is false, they would believe it was a DAL operated flight. I would support on NWA tracking pages a link to the Delta flight with the same number, but that is the ONLY case where I support this…