Problem Tracking Delta but operated by Skywest Flights


I was trying to track this flight: that is a Delta flight but is operated by Skywest Airlines. When you type Delta 3944 it redirects to the above link as it should. But today that plane went from KSLC to Sacramento and it did not register. Maybe Delta gave me the wrong flight number, but I don’t think so. Not a big deal, just something for the webmasters.



Thank you!


Will FA some time in the future start handling codeshare flights?

I’m going to be on Delta codeshare flight 3927 (operated by Skywest) tomorrow from SLC to TUL. I checked the flight number from Delta, which says Delta codeshare flight 3927 (op. by SKW), and FlightAware, which showed the flight as Skywest 40K. I know FlightAware does not handle codeshares very well except for ExpressJet, because when I entered “DAL3927”, it took me to the “SKW3927” flight page (FAT-SLC). Skywest 3927 is a FAT-SLC flight. So Skywest assigned Delta codeshare 3927 as Skywest 40K. Why doesn’t Skywest just assign a new flight number for the FAT-SLC flight?

I’ve seen a lot of Skywest aircraft that are in Skywest and Comair paint schemes. Do they have enough money for new paint jobs or do they like being multi-airlineish?

Skywest (prop)-

This guy called up as “Skywest 5776”.


Codeshares and express flights are the same ‘problem’ and we do handle them to some extent, but in general they’re a big mess.
Some airlines make it easy, just change the prefix and sometimes chop off the first number; AAL3xxx and AAL4xxx both map to EGFxxx. AWA6xxx used to map to ASH6xxx but I think they changed it at one point to be ASHxxx.
Some airlines add a bit more complexity, especially when they have a lot of regional carriers. Flight number 2001 through 2544 will map to one regional, 2545 through 2632 will map to another, and so on. Oh, and these are subject to change at random intervals.
Some airlines make it insane. XXX5243 will be YYY809 and so on. Sometimes the express carrier adds a letter to the end, with no obvious pattern.

Maybe we’ll add an interface so the community can help with the codeshare mapping. Gotta love free labor. :slight_smile:


Yeah! You’re totally right! Check out Delta Codeshare 3927 (op. by SKW). It’s actually two flights, the first leg it FAT-SLC and the second is SLC-TUL. The latter doesn’t even show up at all on FlightAware.


It looks like this operates with two different aircraft. Notice that it arrives at gate E62 and departs from E75. It may be the same type of aircraft for both legs but two different airframes are used.


Ya. The second flight FA shows as SKW27V.


The reason for the different flight number for the second leg of the “direct flight” FAT-TUL is simple. They are in fact 2 seperate aircraft. SKW3927 is the callsign for FAT-SLC. The second callsign of SKW27K or whatever 2 digit followed by a letter is for air traffic control purposes. For instance if SKW3927 is delayed an hour and a half into SLC and SkyWest decides to dispatch the SLC-TUL on-time with a different aircraft, they would essentially have the same flight callsign in the air simultaneously. Thus the reason for 2 different identifiers, filed with ATC before the chance of both flights being in-flight at the same time…make sense?