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FlightInfoEx returns information for the wrong flight

I am trying to retrieve information for a flight called : HU8928 with destination as “Miami Airport”

FlightInforEx method returns information but shows the flight ident as - AAL1254 with the same destination as “MIA”.

But I doubt that this information is for the flight I am looking for, given the flight’s “ident” is totally different from the flight name passed
to it.

Please advice.

HU8928 (CHH8928) does not exist as an actual flight. It is just a code-share for a flight operated by American Airlines (AAL1254, in this case). FlightXML is automatically resolving the codeshare identifier to the flight that you intended.

How can we retrieve code share flight information from the API?

You can call AirlineFlightInfo with the faFlightID of the flight you are interested in, and it will return extended information about airline flights such as what codeshare identities it has.