FlightInfoEx with a Tailnumber returns wrong Flights

Hi Flight-XML-Users,

I am using the FlightInfoEx Service to retrieve the current flight number for a specific tailnumber. This used to work find but since monday I am receiving flights performed by different aircraft.

Example (call for D-AIZF an Airbus A320)

GET flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/FlightInfoEx?ident=D-AIZF&offset=0&howMany=15
flights like
“faFlightID”: “DLH1088-1477808883-airline-0180”
“ident”: “DLH1088”
“aircrafttype”: “A319”
“faFlightID”: “CLH2263-1477718984-airline-0052”
“ident”: “CLH2263”
“aircrafttype”: “CRJ9”

As you can see the aircraft type is incorrect. Actually this plane is on DLH1804 from MUC to MAD.

Can you help me here?
Thanks a lot.

That appears to be an artifact of bad data that we received from one of our information providers. Unfortunately, sometimes data errors like this will sometimes occur due to the noisy nature of the data we are aggregating.

Hi Bovineone,
thank you for your quick reply. Do you have any idea, if and when this will be fixed.
What I am trying to do is to find the current position of a tailnumber. For this I need the current flight of the tailnumber and then retrieve the position via inFlightInfo.

Thanks a lot

It is not something that can be “fixed”. There is always a small amount of occasional human data entry errors created by the airlines and by ATC, which sometimes pollutes the historical data.