Flight info from ICAO24 aircraft address

I have a 24-bit ICAO aircraft address and would like to get some information about the flights of that aircraft. As far as I can see, the FlightInfoEx call can return the faFlightID of recent flights given a tail number, but I cannot seem to find an API call that can return the tail number from the ICAO24 address. Am I missing something, or does the FlightXML API not have this functionality? If not, are there any APIs out there which support this?
For example, I can translate the aircraft address 7C1471 to VH-EBN using airframes.org/, and can then lookup VH-EBN using the FlightInfoEx call. I’d like to replace the visit to airframes.org with some API call :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi. The API does not currently have the capability to deal with ICAO24, but we are planning to add it to FlightInfoEx in the next week or so. Is that the only call you would use?

Fantastic, thank you very much!
For now I’ll mostly be using FlightInfoEx and GetFlightID to pass the faFlightID along to GetHistoricalTrack. Being able to search by ICAO in both those calls would be a great feature.
Actually, being able to search by ICAO instead of tail number in general (e.g. in FlightInfo, InFlightInfo, MapFlight, …) would be neat :slight_smile:

You should now be able to use FlightInfoEx using “0x” + ICAO24 to look up flights, though this functionality has not been heavily tested yet. Let us know if it works out for you.

Thanks, works great!
So far, the only aircrafts that I cannot find using 0x+ICAO24 seems to be aircrafts that don’t show up on airframes.org/, either. Thank you!