Finding Correct Flight Numbers

I am just starting to play with the FlightXML2 API, and can’t seem to find an answer in the FAQ or in this group for my question.

I’m trying to get flight status (ie, actual departure times) for US Airways 3861. When I search for US3861 or USA3861 using the FlightInfo call, I get no result.

When I search on the website for US3861, I get a result, but it lists the flight number as AWI3861.

When I then query FlightInfo using AWI3861, I get a valid result.

Since the travel details I get from my users will be using the US Airways flight numbers, how can I use the API to find the alternate flight number to perform the FlightInfo call?


Codeshare idents are currently not automatically resolved by FlightXML, but we hope to add this functionality later this month. Watch this forum for an announcement in the coming weeks.

That feature will enhance the XML service. I’ll be sure to watch for the announcement!


Check out the announcement here: