Quick question about flight numbers


Question: If you look at MBPV, the flight numbers are all 9xxx for AA and US Air… I know you mentioned that as being usual for codeshare flights, but I’m certain these are not. Are these flight numbers different due to the flights’ purpose? (Hurricane just past, Cat 4 on the way so I’m assuming these are more of a Locals in, Tourists out type flight, evacuation, considering AA sent the regular B738 and an additional B752, and US Air is bringing in the larger than usual [usual being A319-21] B752). Thanks!


Flights in the 9000 series are not code share flights. They are usually charters. They can also be maintenance and ferry (positioning) flights.

In this case, they are probably ferry flights going to MBPV to get the aircraft in position. The flights outbound from MBPV are then given 9000 series flight numbers to indicate they are charters or extra section flights.



K well, found out yesterday, AA is flying any American with a valid passport one way to the U.S., they had like, 6 flights yesterday, tons of people chartering planes… crazy…