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One PiAware - Two FlightAware Accounts?

I’d like to put another PiAware, just on the border of my current range. That could give me about 500 NM. That wouldn’t be an issue normally, as I’d just add it to my account. However I’d like the person who maintains the property, to be able to see the “My ADSB” data and login to Flightaware, as that would interest them.

Can two Flightaware accounts have access to the same PiAware ?

No, a site can only be associated with a single account.

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If I configure a Piaware and add it to my account, can I re-allocate it to someone else and have them get an Enterprise account? Or are they best to sign up and do this? They are not very technically savvy.

Yes, but you have to remove your feeder ID from the configuration and the “someone else” has to claim it via the setup again.

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Is that config in the flightaware.com website or in the Piaware device itself ?

It is in the configuration file of the device. Once you remove it, you need to go to the claim page for getting a new feeder ID. It is one of the steps (probably the last one) of the setup

If your “someone” is having already an account, he can use this and claim the feeder there, then it appears in his profile.

The site would need to be associated with their account.

To move an existing site to a new account you’d need to contact adsbsupport@flightaware.com with the details. Or if you don’t care about retaining the existing site, you can create a new site and claim it on the other account by clearing out the feeder ID as foxhunter suggests.

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That’s not quite trivial for someone not familiar with exactly how it works, you’ll need to run these commands on the receiver you want to claim again:
Get new Feeder ID and change user account

sudo systemctl stop piaware
sudo piaware-config feeder-id ""
sudo rm /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id
sudo systemctl restart piaware

Then with the new account and on the same network as the receiver this link must be visited:

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And don’t do the mistake using a VPN connected computer for it. This is what i did and i was confused why the receiver did not show up in my account.