Old flight info required


Hi there, is there anybody who could help me to find out some info about this old flight?
It’s a Volotea flight, nr. V7 1720 from BGY to PNL on 18.06.2017?
It was supposed to leave at 10.50 a.m. but then the flight was rerouted to Palermo.
Many thanks in advance


I believe this is the flight but it was not rerouted.


Thanks Rosen,
but the flight departed much later and was rerouted to Palermo.
We got a voucher for this reason.
From this website it seems everything was ok.


Note that in the linked flight, we don’t have multilateration coverage at the destination airport so the last part of the flight is estimated - conceivably it could have diverted to Palermo and we didn’t see that.


Just followed this flight on FR24. Left at 1020 local time arrived 1150, Registration EI-EWI,

No diversion - are you sure that you have the correct date: Sunday 18 June 2017?


Yes I’m sure. I have a lettere from Volotea, the company, for a
compensation due to delay.
I suppose that what we see is just theory and not the real flight’s history.


Look carefully at the flight path.The plane made some 3 circles round PNL, then went and landed in PMO.


You are correct!. I stopped watching when it disappeared off FR24 at about FL50 on approach to PNL. When I continue watching it reappears and goes to PMO.

Screenshot at http://www.ihld.co.uk/VOE1720.jpg

And the red circle I added is around an ATR-72 HB-ACC that flew back to PMO without landing at PNL.


Thanks…could it be that there was really bad weather in Pantelleria?
Could you see it in the map?
It sounds strange since Palermo and Pantelleria are not very far from each
other but the airport in Pantelleria is really small and probably they
would have some diffciculties in Landing.