Old airline ticket-Eastern


My Parents found an old ticket from when I flew alone to see my grandparents when I was 7 yrs old. Anyway, thought I would post the information. Kind of neat. I can remember that it was not a non-stop flight, but cant remember where we went. It was a one-way ticket. (no, they didn’t leave me there, they drove up to come and get me)

Eastern Airlines
Flight # 838Y
7:25 AM
PBI-PHL - 1 stop in between
Seat 20 E

base fare was 58.33
tax was 4.67
total was 63.00


Nice fair. Of course this was a while ago.



I actually thought it was a little high for a one-way ticket. Last year you could get a 59.00 PBI-JFK one way. Of course there are alot more fees and taxes now and that 59.00 would turn into 99.00.


If I was at my last job I could’ve looked that flight up and told you where it stopped and what aircraft operated it.

We had OAG’s going back to 1976


I remember I paid $51.00 each way to go from DC to PHL. I think it might’ve been a couple of years before 1978. I’d have GLADLY paid $10.00 more each way for a longer flight!


How much did you pay for baggage? Water? :laughing:


I was a single male, traveling alone, paid cash and had NO baggage!!!
The Cokes were free back in those days.


1978…geez, I was already working for WN back then.


My parents weren’t even thinking about conceiving me back then :stuck_out_tongue:… shucks, they probably didn’t even know each other…

Either I’m young or you’re old… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Maybe a little of both.


I old if 50 is old, but I feel so young