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First Flight

So what was your first flight and how old were you :question:

Mine was ATL-SDF in 1992 when I was 3 months old.


Can’t remember exactly, but then again, I have slept (A LOT) and drank “a little” since then.

And by “a little”, I mean a little Jack, a little Johnny, a little Captain, a little crown, a little Jose, a little Jim…

My first flight was a local flight in a Piper Cherokee 180 out of Beckley, WV when I was 5. I was a little too small to really see out the window, but I got to see a little bit when the plane was turning. I was a little bit scared too.

I didn’t get to fly on a jet 'til I was 12 or 13 I think. I saved up my newspaper route money for a round trip from IAD to PHL. $51 each way (before deregulation). Flew an L-1011 going up there, and a 707 coming back 2 hours later! I never left the terminal.

Wonder how quickly that would get you on a no-fly list these days?

I have no memory of my first flight.

Some of my earliest flight memories were on the old meatball CO DC-10’s, though.

A Sun Country flight from Minneapolis to Miami back in the 90’s, that was the OLD Sun Country.

As a passenger? I have no idea. Dad might know though. I think I visited Bermuda while my mother was pregnant with me though, does that count? :slight_smile:
At the controls? Age 14, N8057N. Cherokee 140 “YellowBird”.
Solo? Age 18, N67327. Cessna 152, it was orange.

IIRC a 727 to Orlando for one of Mom’s medical conferences when you were 2.

You did and she was more than 6 months along, February 1980.

I’ve always wondered if her erratic moped driving resulted in your love of unusual attitudes.

My first flight was in a Boeing - could have been a 727 but more likely an older number LOL, was to New York City. JHEM, the view was different than your avator, they weren’t even built yet. I was 8 or 9.

First flight was probably in my dad’s cherokee 180D in 1969 when I was a baby. First commercial flight was either Hughes Airwest DC-9 or Pan Am 707 (still have my wings*).

*Back in the days of airline service, you received a lot of freebies like real silverware (incl knives) and all kinds of junk for kids including coloring books, crayons and pilot wings with very sharp pins.

I used to walk through their eventual footprint going from my office at 80 Broad St. to the ferry to Jersey every day and remember the groundbreaking ceremony in the spring of 1966.

After three years in the Army and some time living in EU I returned to the States in 1971 to find the towers, essentially, completed. I’ll always remember my first visits to Windows on the World, the restaurant on the 107th floor of the north tower, and the Top of the World observation platform on the roof of the south tower.

Thanks again to my son for the avatar.

DC-9 was my first, to Stephenville NL ( Harmon AFB ). But I really don’t remember too much as I was very young.

First Memorable trip was to Kingston Jamaica. Air Canada DC-8 down and Lockheed L-1011 on the way back.

Like Wazzu was saying, this was back in the day when the flight crew made your visit memorable with inflight visits to the cockpit and lots of keep sakes. Still have may first " wings " as well.

Image of Harmon, maybe some of you guys staged through here. pinetreeline.org is a great site with some nice pictures.


My first L-1011


As far as I can determine, it was a flight from the USA to Germany when my dad, who was in the army, was able to bring us over. I was about 3. According to my mom, the airplane lost an engine. She thinks it was a Constellation.

The first flight I truly remember was when I was 12 in 1969. We were returning from Germany after my dad’s third tour. The aircraft was a DC-8-61 (or 63?) of Trans-Caribbean Airlines. What made is special was that I had been reading about the Super 60 series of the DC-8 not too long before the flight. The flight landed in Bangor (BGR) on its way to Charleston AFB (CHS). The takeoff from BGR was scary because of the noise abatement procedure.

The next leg of the trip was from CHS to ATL via Columbia, SC, where we connected to a flight to HOU (IAH was just being constructed at this time). These flights were on Delta. One leg involved a Convair 880 but I was so tired by this time that I didn’t care.

I have not been flying my whole life thats why I want to fly for a living.
But it was JetBlue A320 from BTV-JFK JFK-MCO and back. This was either 1999 or 2000. But it was GREAT!!!

First Flight? Age 11, American Airlines Electras Boston to Washington National. Solid IFR the whole way down and back.

First solo waited until I was 28, a Warrior.

My first flight was from Denver to LAX in a Boeing 777 and i was 3 years old.

I feel old!

My first flight was out of KCMH as a two-year-old. My mother and I flew to KTPA on either Delta or United (a 727?). We also flew on Eastern on one of those early trips, so there’s another possibility. My mom likes to tell the story of how content I was to walk down the jetway with her, right up until I saw the entry door of the a/c, which spurred me to do a 180 and run right into the legs of the gentleman behind us. I didn’t put up to much of a fight, and once we boarded, I was hooked for life. :smiley:

I’ve been racking my brain to recall my first commercial flight and I’m pretty certain it was either EWR to IAH to SAT on a 727, or on a 707 ex JFK to MIA - Panama City, CZ - Lima, Peru, both in 1965.

Toronto - Pearson (then called Malton) to New York - Kennedy (I believe that it was still called Idlewild) in an Air Canada Vickers Vanguard. The captain came on the PA over Sarnia to describe how he learned to fly at the Sarnia Airport. I think that I was 10.