Odd flight arrival to SJC around 7:45PM pacific


Saw an MD80 (I think) come in to land but unlike almost all of the traffic coming in to land at SJC it came in heading west and made a hard turn to the north to get into the pattern and then seemed to zig-zag a bit back and forth. Happened right over downtown SJC which is only about 2 miles out from the runway.

Didn’t find any interesting info, anyone know what this was or could have been?

  • Andy


What it a Citation? If so it might have been Fivestar 305.
flightaware.com/live/flight/FIV3 … /KCVO/KSJC

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S-turns on final to make space?


Bit of a difference from an MD-80, no? :wink:


You would prefer a bunch of B733s, no? :wink:


Might have been American Airlines, couldn’t tell in the dark. Pretty sure it was an MD80, could have been a smaller 2-engine like an embraer, but I doubt it.

Could be S-turns, just haven’t seen any other flights in weeks doing anything but a straight approach from miles out and this was a rapid turn right into the last part of the landing pattern.


I noticed this aircraft on the ramp in Pocatello this morning. Check out their track to Aspen.