NWA is starting dallas-New York service. I am guessing this is in response to AA starting MSP-LGA. The question is how much money are they willing to lose?


Yes, that’s probably it, but it might work. You know, NW has had some past sucess on non-hub routes, such as flights from PDX, LAX, MKE, and even a mini-hub in Indianapolis. I looked and the flights are the same price and about the same amount of pax (NW A319, AA MD80), so really it is just a matter of if you want to fly with AA or NW. Some DFW pax may be tired of AA and want to try out NW…but you never know with this business!


Taking NWA over AA… I highly doubt it. NWA is trying to go between two major operations for AA (Dallas and LGA), and it will be almost impossible to be successful (unless there are a lot of NWA faithful in Dallas :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: ). Its not like they are opening DEN-LAX to counter with Frontier…they’re competing with the giant. NWA better prepare to lose a lot more money.

On the other hand, AA msp-lga will be successful because of the AA frequent flyers in LGA.