NTSB asks to monitor pilots talk in cockpit

You ATP guys beware, Big Brother is watching you!

usatoday.com/news/nation/201 … ders_N.htm

I thought the sterile cockpit rule was only below 10k’. Our government is on a quest to make being a pilot the most boring job in the world - only then will aviation become safe.

From the link: “Regional airlines endorsed the concept of using the cockpit voice recorder as an auditing tool after the Buffalo crash.”

Right. Because it costs them nothing while giving the public the mistaken idea that they actually care about safety!

A. Just plain wrong.
B. Maybe unconstitutional.
C. Wouldn’t solve anything.
D. Increasingly typical of today’s hyper-(insert sensitive, Orwellian, other appropriate word) climate.

If they are talking commercial airline pilots, I’m surprised the sterile cockpit rule wouldn’t be enough. they would already have the tapes for that.

If they’re talking every pilot, this could fall under 4th Amendment scrutiny. If the NTSB gets this, this will surely make it to SCOTUS.