Obtaining ATC Recordings Through Freedom Of Information Act

Some years ago (over 10) I heard a very interesting series of conversations between ATC’s over Northern NY and Vermont…I wrote down as much as I could remember including time and date etc…Several commercial aircraft were involved…I have always wanted to see if I could get copy of the conversations that early evening…Does anybody know how to go about this…It was pretty intense stuff and till this day remember it like it was yesterday…Thanx

Feel like sharing any more details?

UFO sighting?

(in all seriousness. A UFO might turn out to be something ‘mainstream’ but it’s still a U.F.O. until its identify is confirmed)

Open mike in the cockpit? UFO?

Bragging about the naked French girl in your cockpit?

Darn it…Where’s the video?.. :exclamation:

In a nutshell somebody was testing some sort of what I believe was a missile in commercial airspace…NE of Albany NY…pilots were not happy…“came up vertically and then went horizontal to the northeast” another quote “don’t they know there firing in commercial airspace”. I have this little notebook packed away in my storage facility…I am going to see if I can find it and pass along more info…BTW i was not the only one to hear it…friend of mine was over and heard it as well…it was in the spring…there is more to this that i will pass along

Bon Jour, The French investigators are still reviewing the video. They have the Paris video too.

Barring the “missile” being involved in an incident resulting in an NTSB or FAA investigation, there will be no reason for any recordings to have been preserved nor any transcripts to have been made.

Some more parts to the story…Pilots were asked if they would like to make a report…They said they would…ATC gave them a phone # with a 603 are code…A New Hampshire area code…I bet is was the FAA Center in Nashua, NH…There very well could have been some sort of investigation…These were “heavy” commercial airliners and from what I could tell more than one pilot was going to make a report

Well after 11 years it’s amazing what comes to light on the net…did an exhaustive search last night and found the following tidbit…keep in mind what I heard took place March 17, 1997 at approx…7:25pm ET…I heard two airliners give (given) there positions, one airliner was 35 miles east of Burlington, VT, another 150 miles Northeast of Albany, NY. This is what I found this last night on the web from that same evening…“March 17, 1997 19:15 (EST) Event in the NY Metropolitan Area Northwest Airlines D93 Flight 775 Newark to Minneapolis and Flight 361 A320 Laguardia to Minneapolis report missile both departing at 6:55 PM about 15 Minutes into flight. Plus Delta and US Airways flights. A Reuter report of April 10, 1997 indicated that Northwest Airlines pilots reported that they saw what appeared to be a missile or a rocket over the New York area the evening of March 17, the Saint Paul Pioneer Press reported Thursday. In a copyrighted story, the Pioneer Press reported that investigators are piecing together tapes of air traffic control radar recorded the night of the sightings. Two other flight crews, from Delta Airlines and US Airways have filed similar reports, the newspaper said. The possibility that missiles are flying in commercial airspace is particularly significant in the aftermath of last summer’s crash of TWA flight 800 minutes after takeoff from JFK International Airport in New York, the Pioneer Press said. The pilots of a Northwest Airlines DC-9 reported a possible missile sighting about 15 minutes into their flight from Newark International Airport in New Jersey in March, according to the Newspaper. A second Northwest flight crew, in an aircraft that left from La Guardia Airport in New York reported a similar sighting.”…This adds to my belief that something was up there in commercial airspace that evening. NYC and Northern Vermont is a lot of real estate…This thing was in the air for awhile and travelled a long distance

Further digging found this but nothing about what I heard north of this area…Transcript follow :
March 17, 1997, subsequent to the TWA 800 downing, a missile was observed by Northwest Airlines 775, US Air 1937, Delta 2517 and Northwest Airlines 361.

Northwest Airlines Flight 775 was travelling from Newark to Minneapolis and Flight 361 from Laguardia to Minneapolis. Both flights departed at 6:55 PM and reported the missile about 15 Minutes into their flights. (Click to listen to the RealAudio Files. There is moderate static on the tapes - NWA 775 Radar sector 73 - US Air 1937 Radar sector 27 - Delta 2517 Radar sector 42)

NWA 775: Air Center it looks like we see ah - this is Northwest 775 - on a southerly heading - a missile or something. Do you know anything about that?
Controller: Northwest 775 - you see a what?
NWA 775: It appears to be a missile on the south of our course here - straight south of us - off our left - it’s climbing and heading south.
Controller: Due south of your position, heading south?
NWA 775: Yea, and climbing rapidly.
Controller: Going through about what altitude now?
NWA 775: Oh man, it’s like over 30,000 and on its way up. It was a rocket or a missile and I don’t know - it’s out of sight now.
Controller: You think it was a rocket or a missile?
NWA 775: Affirmative. It was extremely bright. Anybody else in the area I’m sure would have seen it.
Controller: Roger
Another Pilot: Don’t scare us!
Controller: Say again.
Other Pilot: Don’t scare us … unintelligible
Controller: Definitely a missile of some sort.
Multiple conversations somewhat garbled.
Controller: 843 west of ?? reported spotting a missile 10 south of his position heading south …
Other Controller: They’re all talking about it.
USA 1937: Holy ?Mary - (unintelligible) a ?240 heading - Did you see that?
Controller: What did we miss?
USA 1937: A rocket going up to the southeast of our ?180
Controller: From who?
USA 1937: US Air 1937
Another pilot: It sure is.
Controller: How far away do you think?
USA 1937: ?God only knows.
Controller: Little Aberdeen is out there that’ why I’m asking. It’s about ninety miles away from you so it could be there they do that rocket testing.
USA 1937: Yeah it was about 170 degrees from us and I don’t know about how far.
Controller: Yeah that would be about right.
USA 1937: Yeah it was off our left wing tip.
Another pilot: Where did that rocket launch from?
Controller: I didn’t know anything about it. The only thing I’m guessing from where the US Air told me was the direction was correct for Aberdeen proving grounds.
Other pilot: Unintelligible… Commuter 533 … 180 heading and about six miles from my position. It was definitely a rocket.
Controller: Yea that would be a little bit to the west of Aberdeen but I guess it’s hard to be exact.
Other pilot: Yea I just looked at it and saw a plume coming out of it and then it disappeared but the plume is still there.
Delta 2517: Center, Delta 2517.
Controller: Go ahead.
Delta 2517: You guys do you have any missile launches or anything tonight?
Controller: I believe there is one … I don’t know what the status is.
Delta 2517: Well it just went up - … we just lost … … pretty awesome off the left side.
Controller: OK - you could see it. … Unintelligible … We are … all the traffic for it.
Delta 2517: Where did that thing come from?
Controller: I don’t know.
Delta 2517: I was sitting here thinking the comet looks good tonight. Man … "

Can you provide the link to the RealAudio Files??? It said above to “Click to listen” which makes me believe you copied the text in your post from a website.


Found it HERE

Do a “Find On This Page” search in your Web browser for “NWA 775 Radar sector 73” and you’ll find the links there.

Or better yet, click the links below:
NWA 775 Radar sector 73
US Air 1937 Radar sector 27
Delta 2517 Radar sector 42

The thing I have about this is what I heard is about 10 minutes later than what happened above and what i heard transpired over Northern Vermont not over NYC. What I heard them say that it was moving northeast towards northern Maine. The transcripts above state that what they saw was going south. Complete different geographical area as well as heading of the missile…So was there more than one ? I think so. Perhaps a wayward one that was in commercial airspace over Vermont ? The pilots I heard were pissed, I can tell you that much…I don’t think it was supposed to be there…because no one had an explanation for who was testing and why it was there…Perhaps sending it over maine to get it out over a less populated are perhaps the atlantic…I know have more questions than i did yesterday in light of what I found about what else happened that night

There goes the neighborhood! :frowning:

Found an interesting website with quite a few “encounters of the close kind” Thanks Needlenose for the “key” search words!


While I realize the gravity of the safety issue being brought up, one can’t help but be amused by the following excerpt from the above page:

FAA: Yea … we had a Pakistan just reported … looked like a firecracker that was passing from left to right about 30 miles south of Hampton.
TWA 884: 884 heavy thank you.
TWA 884: Firecrackers don’t go past 16,000
FAA: I hear ya!