Now here is a Call Sign

Saw this on my flights today

FORSALE ⇒ Canada C082AC [FR24] [FlightStats] [FlightAware]
Country of registration: Canada
Altitude: 35000 ft | 10662 m Squawk: 7050
Speed: 346 kt | 641 km/h RSSI: -24.9 dBFS
Track: 155° (Southeast) Last seen: now
Position: MLAT: 47.748°, -122.471° (2.9s)
Distance from Site: 21.6nm | 40km

Airframes listing

EMBRAER EMB-500 Phenom 100 E50P 50000171 L2J C082AC Morningstar Partners Ltd, Edmonton 2010 PT-FUS 2010-12-07 N625EL active edit
Remarks: [MODE-S]

Huh, I didn’t realize we had a fractional jet ownership company in Edmonton.

I am going to have to look into this. :smiley: :smiley:

C-GXMP recently seen 2016-03-27 as flight FORSALE
Alternate Names Aurora Jet Partners