Air Ambulance Helicopters


I have a question(s). Does anyone know what the Flight/Tail # or stuff like that, so I can track the Air Ambulace Choppers. Can you track them on this site or no. If so, can someone give me that information. I would like to know the one that’s out of Toronto and Sudbury. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Herc :smiley:


Many of them fly VFR, so you can’t reliably track them here.

Someone else asked about this a while back and I think they found one… try searching the forums.


Canadian Helicopters flies the Air Ambulance contract for the Ontario Ministry of Health. Look up CDN791, 792, 793 794, 797, 798 and 799. Also search for them with an M at the end because sometimes they use it and other times they don’t. They also usually have a continuously renewed flight plan/squawk code (with the M) that gets entered into the system on a regular basis so that they are identified as soon as they show up on radar.

Typically a flight number will belong to the machine based in a certain city. That being said, the Toronto City Centre bird would be CDN799/CDN799M and the Sudbury bird seems to be 798.

Hope this helps.