Novice enquiry


I would like to obtain information about a passenger flight on 10th June 2018 (TOM6710 Origin Bristol 0725) in terms of its latitude, longitude and height. Sorry if this is a simple question for all the old hands but as a new comer I would appreciate some guidance/pointers on how to see this data, or even if this is possible. Thanking you in anticipation.


Type the flight in the search bar at the top of FlightAware and click on it, then scroll down until you find the date your after and click on that, that should do it.
Or click this link I’ve posted


Thank you. You are very kind and the information has been most useful best wishes Chris Scott


Can I ask where the data is obtained from and how reliable it is on the tracking history


It general collected data, but with regards to how accurate it is I have no idea