Not listening on Port 30005- Rut Roh!


One of my Pis has become corrupt. I am getting “no ADS-B data program seen listening on port 30005 for 10 seconds, next check in NNs” etc. Skyview is operational but it seems that some process has gone to sleep and will not restart.

I Have stopped and restarted D1090, Piaware, rebooted, etc. nothing remedies. Updated D1090, etc. same issue. Piaware shows connected and logged in, MLAT is stopped.

What is odd is that the Piaware log has stopped logging any new data and there are no new entries for the past couple hours I have been checking for errors. The Messages log also is not updating as of the same time. Should not be a file space issue as theres lots of it.

Anything obvious before I start w clean slate and reinstall the OS and Piaware ?


Are you feeding any other ADSB sites? I ask because i have noticed if i feed FR24 it drops my port 30005 to FA.


Not feeding other sites. I was in the middle of a gain optimization run and it just quit communicating. I’m thinking it was an SD card issue with a power off that caused it- at least thats the only thing I can pin it on.

It was as if it rebooted missing a library and some services just never came back, I just bit the bullet and reformatted/reinstalled and log functions are back, as is communications. Of course it spawned a new receiver id but this is mostly a test box for me so stats werent important to recover.

There is a way I think to edit the config to keep the old site Id but cant find it at the moment.




can you post a copy of /etc/default/dump1090-fa or if using mutability /etc/default/dump1090-mutability ?
I noticed in the past, one of these opt-gain scripts was damaging the file in /etc/default.

also check if the receiver is working properly with command rtl_test -t


Already wiped the card and rebuilt Pi, but will look for that if it reoccurs.

The odd thing was receiver was running so believe Dump1090-fa was at least partly functioning. Piaware stopped logging.


I found that after doing gain optimization dump1090 is left with gain near or at zero and resetting it to the old default is necessary. Check the script used for gain optimization to make sure existing gain level is preserved or set your gain to a new value from the optimization results. Else your site is silent @ zero gain.


This one does this:


@abcd567 Thanks for pointing out the gain adjustment sequence in one version of the script. My intent was to point out that one should look at what the gain optimization code is doing. There are several variations of gain optimization scripts out there. One might be left with a situation to figure out. I have found at least one gain optimzation script that did not return the dump1090 configuration (in /etc/default/dump1090-fa in my case) to its original setting. If one does nothing with the gain after running the optimization script, one might not notice that the gain was left at a low value, but might observe their plane/position counts being lower than before running the optimization script. Just echoing what was said before:

This may or may not be related to what the original poster reported. It might be something to look for if it happens again to @skip20092017 on the fresh build: