Northwest Trip - The Return!

Today I flew back from KJAC through MSP.
Saw a few interesting aircraft. Got a close of pic of a Delta Saab, and also a Mesaba CRJ acquired from Comair, operating in the old Delta Connection paint scheme.

When I was taking some pictures from a public area in the terminal, I was approached by a Mesaba airlines employee who looked like a ground handler or mechanic. He asked me why I was taking pictures, and whether or not they were for “personal use only”. He also mentioned that they “had their eyes on me”.

Has anybody else had this happen? Are these employees empowered to approach passengers photographing aircraft from inside the terminal. He said I was doing nothing wrong if they were for “personal use”. Just curious what this was about.
I would understand if it was a police officer or TSA agent expressing a security concern of some sort, but Mesaba employee verifying my intent??

You were doing nothing wrong. The Mesaba employee was just nobody who was full of himself. It is perfectly legal to take photos as you described. Even a cop cannot stop you from doing it. You can’t take pictures of the security check point but there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures of the aircraft on the field.

Just for fun try doing it while wearing a turbin or whatever it’s called.

Or maybe a get up like this

Maybe that’s why he stopped me… :smiley:

That’s what I figured. I asked if I was doing anything wrong, and I explained to him the uniqueness of some of the aircraft I was photographing, and he then left me alone.

Look at this: … ghts_x.htm

Be sure to click on the links in the article, especially those at the end.

Great information.
I contacted the airline about my concern.

Just another “front line warrior” in the “War on Terror”. aka *sshole.