Re: Aircraft Tail Numbers


I understand that new rules on photographs of private aircraft have been implemented. Photos can be taken, but the tail number must NOT be shown, unless express permission is given by the owner of the aircraft. Also, I would like to warn jaywisch that we will file tresspassing charges against him, if he takes photographs while on the property of Schlemeyer Airport, and posts them, without the permission of the owners.


Complete rubbish.

Ignore this fool.


Woops! Federal Judge ruled against personal liberty and the NBAA. I was wrong. However, you don’t have to be boorish in commenting back to me.


:laughing: Airport is owned by Ector County and open to the public, please ref.

As the flyer states, there are not very many legal restrictions on what can be photographed when in public view. Most attempts at restricting photography are done by lower-level security and law enforcement officials acting way beyond their authority. Note that neither the Patriot Act nor the Homeland Security Act have any provisions that restrict photography.


Your original post set the tone I think, but if you were simply mistaken then I retract the characterization of fool.

You’re by no means the first airport employee here who seems to have a personal vendetta against photographers. Bottom line: if I can see something from a public space, I can take a photo*.

  • some restrictions apply to sensitive sites; public-use airports not being one.