No Skyaware 7.2 when accessing remotely

Hi. I’m only getting a blank map and data page when I access Skyaware when away from my home. It uses to work ok when I first updated to ver 7.2. Since then I have done a few reboots when I was trialling the graphics package. Thanks.

Did you try to clear the cache of the browser ? What kind of device are you using to view skyaware with ? A mobile phone, remote session ?
You wil have to give a little bit more information in order to see what is going on.

Hi, thanks for replying. I’m using an Android phone. After clearing the cache I googled my home page and discovered that the url “Skyaware Anywhere” was not there. I guess this means there is an issue with my pi program. I can see it if I go direct via my router.

What device are you using?

Did you enable port forwarding properly in your home router? Access works only if this is set properly.

If it’s a raspberry you can try using ssh into the device also from remote. If this is not working too, then your forwarding is not properly set.
Maybe the update showed this just by chance and something else was broken before already.

Skyaware anywhere is a different thing. It does not access your device directly, but shows what information is sent to Flightaware in almost realtime

If you want to access skyaware anywhere you will first have to login to flightaware using your account ( from your android phone).

Then this url will open up skyware anywhere

Hi, I have now setup port forwarding and I can now ssh via putty using mobile data. I still cannot get Skyaware. All I see is the map, my location with range rings and the side panel with no Aircraft data. If I refresh Skyaware I get FlightAware ABS data not incoming warning. To answer your questions… Phone Galaxy S20 5G, I am always logged into FA and access it in the Google App. Skyaware works when I’m on my home wifi. Regards

Update. Skyaware has now stopped when on wifi. However, I can still see my router port:8080 with aircraft and data.

My situation has not changed. So, should I reinstall ver 7.2 and if so, where can I find it. Regards

Please be clear which URLs you’re using that don’t work.

Best guess would be some messed up network configuration, have you configured a static IP?
Many people get the broadcast address wrong and cause issues that way.

Thanks for the suggestions. The url I’m referring to is the Remote access 'Skyaware Anywhere ’ on the FA stats page. This link shows no Aircraft or data on my phone whether I’m using my phone wifi or cell connection. However, if I use my laptop on ethernet at home, I do get Aircraft and data but the Aircraft trails are dashed lines and there is no ‘ver 7.2’ in the top right-hand corner in the data panel.
Yes, I am using a static ip and every thing is set-up as per the FA configuration information sheet, including the broadcast address (

Well what’s the static IP / gateway / subnet mask, posting broadcast without the others you can’t say if it’s wrong.

I don’t remember the limitations to skyaware anywhere, i beileve the important part is being logged in to your FA account?
Maybe someone else can chime in, i don’t use it.

That is correct. @Alaware Are you logged in to your FA account while accessing it on your phone?

I totally agree. So I logged out and went to my stats and found that ’ Skyaware Anywhere ’ link was NOT there. It only is available when I’m logged in. After which I tapped it and it went to the map and data page with No aircraft and NO data. Now I have no idea what to do next!!!

[SOLVED] After much time trying to figure out my problem of No ‘Skyaware Anywhere’ on my cell phone, it turns out that it’s all about TIME.

So, I live on the border of two states where my state is on Daylight Saving and the other is on Standard Time. This is very annoying as it is very easy for my phone to lock onto a Standard Time Cell. So every summer I turn OFF the ‘Auto Time Zone’ on my phone so I can at least make an appointment at the right TIME. As ‘time’ goes by my phone is now FREE RUNNING (not locked) and my time is now slowly drifting. (over summer it can be 2 or 3 minutes)

This is why I was not able to get 'SKYAWARE ANYWHERE ’ as it needs ‘SYNCed TIME’ to be able to function.

Thank you all that gave input on this topic. I hope that it may assist others.

Regards Al.

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You should be able to have the phone keep time synced without changing the time ZONE.

Then the time on the phone flip flops as it connects to towers with different time. I’ve run into this when on the border between EST and CST time zones.